RYO is an advertising and marketing agency focused in digital communications. Providing services along all Americas, RYO has main offices in Los Angeles, California and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The company’s 20 years success is based in the leadership of its founders Diego Rosón and Guillermo Ortelli, continentally renowned in the advertising and graphic design creative business.

Since 2001, RYO is Cisco’s strategic communications developer for North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean Countries.

Starting 2011 office opening in California, RYO is providing international media strategies for clients interested in either national, pan regional or international reach.

RYO shapes a proactive work team that will act more as a partner than a simple vendor. They are always on top of new communication trends and resources to give nothing but the best to its clients.

All team are strong believers in paying attention to every detail to make a difference in communicating to others.

Meet them below:

Diego Rosón
Creative Director

Guillermo Ortelli
Creative Director

Carlos Fontán
Account Director

Video, Graphic & Digital Design Team
Valeria Díaz, Fernando Gallegos, Valentina Lava, Jessica Canalda, Milagros Grant, Aldana Mighetto, Daniel Puente and Alonso Ramírez

Social Media & Marketing Online Team
María Belén Boquet, Isaías Brizuela, María Gabriela Zambrano, Rose Nicoletti and Renato Mosci