Privacy policy

The following Privacy Policy establishes the terms in which RYO Agency uses and protects the information provided by its users when utilizing its website. This company is fully invested in protecting the information given by its users. When it requests that the user fill out the personal information fields for identification purposes, it does so ensuring that this information will only be used according to the terms established in this document. However, this Privacy Policy may change with time and/or be updated, which is why we strongly recommend the users to continuously check this site in order to ensure that they agree with any and all changes that may have been put in place.

Information collected on our website

Our website may collect personal information, such as but not limited to: name, contact information (such as email, phone number, etc.) and location. In the same way, and should it be necessary, specific information may be required in order to process a request, make a delivery, create an invoice, etc.

Use of the collected information

Our website uses the collected information in order to provide the best possible service to all of its users, and in particular, in order to maintain a record of all users, requests (if/when applicable), and to improve our products and services. The collected information may be used to send periodic emails thorough our website with special offers, new products, and other advertising information that we consider relevant for the user and/or that may benefit the user. These emails will be sent to the email address provided by the user and may be cancelled at any given time.

RYO Agency is highly invested in maintaining the commitment of keeping all its users’ information safe. We use the most advanced systems available in order to do so and update them regularly in order to prevent any unauthorized access.


The term “Cookies” refers to a file sent in order to request permission to store in your computer. The acceptance of said file means the storage of the cookie, which then serves to access information referring to web traffic, and also facilitates future visits to a recurring site. The cookies also serve the purpose of allowing a website to individually recognize you and therefore provide you with a better, personalized service of their website.

Our website uses cookies in order to identify the visited sites and the frequency with which they are visited. This information is used only for statistical analysis and is deleted immediately after. You may eliminate cookies from your computer at any given time. However, the cookies serve the purpose of improving the service provided by the websites. In addition, the cookies do not provide personal information about the user or the user’s computer, unless the user so desires and explicitly provides it. You may accept or decline the use of cookies; however, most browsers automatically accept them in order to ensure a better web experience. You may also change your computer’s settings in order to remove the automatic acceptance of cookies. Declining the use of cookies could mean the inability to access some of our services.

Links to third party websites

This website may contain links to third party websites that may be relevant to the user. Once you click on any of these links and therefore abandon our website, we will no longer be in control over the site that you’ll be redirected to and will therefore no longer be responsible in terms of privacy policy or data protection in those third-party websites. Said websites will be subject to their own privacy policies, which is why we strongly recommend that you check them in order to ensure you are in agreement with what they state.

Control of personal information

At any point, you may rescind the collection or use of any personal information that was provided to our website. Every time you’re requested to fill out a form, for example, the sign-up details, you may check or uncheck the option stating you wish to receive information via email. If you had selected the option necessary to receive our newsletter or to receive publicity, you may cancel this at any given time.

This company will not sell, gift or provide the collected personal information without your explicit consent, unless legally required to do so by a warrant signed by judge.

RYO Agency reserves the rights to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any given time.